• Billing

    Understanding and paying your bill

  • About Your Bill

    Your bill combines charges from Froedtert South Medical Group (for services from employed physicians) and from Froedtert South (for hospital services) on a single statement. Charges for services to minor children are billed to the parent who is identified as the responsible party on the patient’s registration form. Billing statements can be viewed online and can be received electronically. Froedtert South has a separate billing office and offers separate financial assistance from Froedtert Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

    To pay a bill online, visit https://froedtertsouth.mysecurebill.com

    If you have any questions regarding your Froedtert South bill, please call (262) 652-8259 or send an email to billing@froedtertsouth.com

    Financial Assistance

    We encourage patients who anticipate difficulty paying their portion of their hospital bill to meet with one of our financial counselors. Our counselors will make every effort to assist patients who are uninsured or who have financial challenges that prevent them from paying for health services. Counselors can assist patients in applying for government-funded programs, setting up payment plans, or applying for community care/charity care. Our charity care program provides discounts up to 100% to patients under our financial assistance policies. If you are interested in applying for government funding or charity care, please contact our Business Office at (262) 656-2800 or download our Community Care Application

    Accepted Insurance

    Froedtert South accepts most HMO, PPO and Medicare insurance plans. The list of provider networks changes occasionally at the sole discretion of the health plans, so please contact your health insurance provider to confirm whether Froedtert South is currently within the provider network. If you have questions, please call the business office: (262) 656-2800.

  • Contact a billing specialist

    Please call the number below to contact one of our billing specialists.
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    Pay your bill online