• Spine Care

    Back to life, back to reality

  • When a person experiences back pain, they want help right away as simple tasks such as reaching, walking or sitting can become nearly impossible. At Froedtert South, we will work quickly to obtain an accurate diagnosis and get you feeling better as soon as possible.

    Non-surgical treatments can include referrals for physical therapy and/or chiropractic evaluation. Medications may be used and in some cases Epidural Steroid Injections (ESIs) may be offered. When surgery is suggested, it will often depend on the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. Less extensive surgeries such as a microdiscectomy or laminectomy may be appropriate.

    Spine surgeries have continued to improve. For example, the Maximum Access Surgery Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (also known as the MAS® PLIF) offers more rapid recovery and return to normal function than traditional spinal fusion surgeries.

    Cervical spine surgery also often involves a fusion of one or more levels. However, the hospital length of stay is minimal – usually only overnight.

  • Conditions We Treat

    Froedtert South provides services to treat the following spine conditions.

    • • Back Pain
    • • Neck and arm pain
    • • Spinal stenosis
    • • Herniated, slipped and ruptured discs
    • • Spondylolisthesis
    • • Cervical and lumbar radiculopathy
    • • Pinched nerves
    • • Leg pain
    • • Myelopathy
    • • Spinal cord injuries
    • • Spinal cord tumors
    • • Compression fractures of “broken back”